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Becoming a Member-Owner

To become a member of the Putney Co-op simply visit us at any time and fill out the Membership Application with one of our friendly cashiers. You will receive a free canvas tote bag designed by Gildas Chatal and your membership card, special introductory coupons and owners manual will be mailed to you promptly.

We are so excited to have you join us!

Please watch this space for future online application.


Food for All Membership

Food for All is a program for any individuals currently receiving SSI disability benefits, WIC or EBT (3Squares VT).

Participants in the Food for All Program pay just $15.00 annually for ownership up until the full $75.00 share has been paid in full. These members receive 10% off on all grocery purchases every day. Certain products are not eligible for the discount including alcohol, newspapers, Thomas' Dairy and Co-op Basics items.


The Co+Op Explorers Program

The Co-op Explorers Program is a national program run by NCG which allows each Co-op member-owners children under the age of 12 to select a free piece of fruit such as an apple, banana or pear on each of their visits to the store after enrolling in the Explorers Program. They may take this item either from the produce section directly or from the display located at the checkout counters.

This program in intended to promote healthy eating for kids as well as an appreciation amongst older children and their parents. It's a more engaging and fun shopping experience for both kids and their parents.

We love our Co+Op Explorers!