Our Management Team

Robyn O'Brien: General Manager  NCG Board Member  Fearless Leader

Robyn O'Brien: General Manager

NCG Board Member

Fearless Leader

Robyn O'Brien

It's hard to believe its been more than 16 years since I came to the Putney Food Co-op!  A lifetime of changes for me and for our store.  

In 2002 the store was in rough shape.  With sales under $1.5 million, a heavy debt load, outdated equipment, and a tenuous relationship between staff and the community, we were truly on the brink of closing our doors. And we were able to pull together and pull out of impending disaster!!    With the support of our sister Co-op, Brattleboro Food Co-op, we were able to borrow money and pay down debt, purchase new produce coolers and make some other repairs.  I spent the first few months cleaning, organizing work schedules, and addressing systems.  I was fortunate to have the guidance of Alex Gyori, former GM of the Brattleboro Food Co-op and the support of Ed Powers, who was then, and still is, our Grocery Manager/IT / Beer and Wine guy!  The staff's willingness to embrace the changes we needed to make paved the way for our change in fortunes!  The Co-op too was growing!!  We saw growth from 20% to 10% a year for many years!  In 2002, I don't think any of us believed we'd see the  $4.5 million a year in sales we have now!  

Through all of this, I raised my son, and for four years, my granddaughter in this remarkable village of Putney!  Their lives are infused with the values of community and cooperation. I couldn't ask for better than that! 

Our loyal and hard working Board also accepted the need for change and took measures to get educated about Co-op governance and adopted policy governance and created our Ends statement:

Because of all that we do, Putney will have an inspiring and sustainable community marketplace, benefiting members and stakeholders.

This has served to guide all our decisions as a community based market. The evidence is in the many  ways we touch the lives of our members and customers. We truly are more than just a grocery store! 

Putney is committed to it's Co-op of more than 77 years, as more than half of the population are members!! I believe we can claim first place in the country with that accomplishment.

And I know that we couldn't do any of it without the team of staff we have.  We have tight bonds and I am honored and humbled to work with them all.  I am eternally grateful for all they bring and all they give to make our Co-op the special place it is.

Now we are excitedly working towards our much needed expansion, made possible by the work and care all  who do what you do here at our Co-op.  Thank you!!

I can't wait to see what the coming years will bring!

Ed Powers; Grocery Manager  Beer and Wine, IT  Tennis Star

Ed Powers; Grocery Manager

Beer and Wine, IT

Tennis Star


My name is Ed Powers, I do a little bit of everything here at our Co-op, from IT to managing all the grocery departments. This is my 18th (!) year at the Co-op. I have had the awesome experience of seeing us grow in so many ways. All these changes keep it an exciting place and a challenge year in and year out. Our new deli expansion is only the latest exciting thing to be happening and I think it's really going to bring us to the next level!

Adrienne Loughlin: Front End Manager  Human Resources

Adrienne Loughlin: Front End Manager

Human Resources

John Krisher: Produce Manager

John Krisher: Produce Manager

Stephanie Stafford: Finance Manager

Stephanie Stafford: Finance Manager


Adrienne is our Front End Manager and also works in Human Resources for the Co-op. 


John is our Produce Manager.


Stephanie is our Finance Manager.